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My grandmother used to say that the secret for the recipe is using the best natural ingredients. They are the ones to carry the flavor to the plate.

Roberto Loioco


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Our company is devoted to supplying and satisfying people with celiac disease, autism, gluten intolerance and wheat allergies. It’s being proven that a strict diet of gluten-free products improves the quality of life for people with these diseases.

Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and oats. Avoiding gluten is tricky as most common foods are made with these flours.

Not being able to eat pasta and pizza is a tremendous culinary loss and can be difficult to accept. This is why Pasta Loioco is dedicated to providing our customers with delicious gluten-free pastas and pizzas. They are authentic and flavorful, and they can be enjoyed by everybody, gluten intolerant or not.

Pasta Gluten Free by Pasta Loioco is not a middle man. We manufacture our gluten-free fresh pasta, raviolis, and pizzas, and we ship them straight to you from our factory. Many of our products are being sold in grocery stores and health-food stores, under their own stores’ labels. Now you can order directly from Pasta Loioco saving both time and money.

When we started making gluten-free pasta, we focused on people like you and I, who got diagnosed with celiac disease who suddenly need to change our diets. We don't want to miss the flavors that we grow up with. That's why we created our FRESH gluten-free products just like our grandmother used to make, with the best raw ingredients.

We hope you love our pasta, because it not only looks like the real thing but taste like it too!

We promise you that.

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