Gluten Free Linguine with smoked Salmon and Asparagus

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Gluten Free Linguine with smoked Salmon and Asparagus

salmon and asparagus

If your eyes are telling you that you will like what you see, I won't let you down.This is a very simple recipe and full of flavor. To do this for 2 people, we are going to need 1 pack of Gluten Free Linguini from Pasta Loioco,  1/2 Lb. of Fresh Asparagus, 5 - 6 Oz of Smoked Salmon ( now days, I always look for Atlantic Wild Salmon ) 1 full glass of Chardonnay wine from California, 1/2 cup of heavy cream, and 1 or 2 diced Shallots, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Fresh  Black Pepper.

First things first, we need 3/4 of boiling water in the back burner while we are getting ready to do the sauce. Always add a pinch of Sea Salt and 1 TB of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the water. Put the Asparagus to boil in the water for 5 minutes and then get them out and cut it small pieces.

Put the sauce pan to heat up in the stove and once the pan is hot add 3 TB of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then put the chopped Shallots and when they look transparent add the Smocked Salmon in little pieces and then add the Asparagus. Now, add Sea Salt at your taste.  Right  after add 1/2 of cup of the White wine. Let the alcohol evaporate and the wine to reduce. When you see this happening add the cream and wait until you see the bubbles coming up and the cream starting to reduce.

 At this point the Gluten Free Linguini should be in the boiling water.  Stir once or twice to prevent pasta to stick together. This step should take 3 - 5 minutes. If you like your pasta " Al Dente " as soon as the pasta comes up is ready to be drain and mix with the sauce. But, if you like your pasta soft let it flow in the boiling water for 1 more minute.

Drain the boiled pasta and mix it with the sauce in the sauce pan. If you have a Pepper mill this is the best time to use it to garnish your creation.

Note that you should have 1/2 glass of white wine, Say Salute and Buon Appetito!