Teff. Ancient Grains.

Teff. Ancient Grains.



This tiny grain with sweet  and nutty flavor ( the size of a poppy seed ) is the perfect supplement for a healthy and nutritious breakfast or makes a great side dish. 3 cups  of water or Chicken broth and 1 cup of Teff. Cooked for 20 minutes, until you can't see water, stir occasionally.  If you are gonna use it for breakfast use Water but if you prefer to use it as side dish you can use the chicken broth. Few diced carrots and a hand full of Sweet Peas and few raisin's,  salt and fresh pepper at your taste. 

The grain has a mild and nutty flavor. This Is a  very high nutritional grain. High in proteins, calcium, iron, cooper,  amino acids and lots of manganese . Ethiopia is the biggest grower and Teff is one of the most used dish on their culinary culture. Their sour bread " Injera " is mad out of the fermentation of this grain.  

Grounded into flour is a good Gluten Free flour replacement to make breads, cookies, baked goods and any other things that you want to experiment in the kitchen.   Let me know if you used this and what did you do.


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