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Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror, and the Christmas holidays are fast-approaching, and you’ll want to add something special to your traditional winter feast. Maybe your Thanksgiving meal was great, but it could have used a little something special. But what exactly?  How about some delicate, fresh and creamy Butternut Squash Ravioli 



Adding a meal with a winter squash to your menu is seasonal and healthy!

Don’t let the entire season pass you by without adding a delicious winter squash – like butternut squash - to your meal plan. We can help with this! Keep reading…we can put butternut squash ravioli on your menu.



Winter squashes are different than summer squashes because they are harvested and eaten during what is called a mature fruit stage (you read that right! They are actually a FRUIT!). This is when the rind is tough. And then, although  it might seem obvious,  the squash can then be stored to be eaten during – you guessed it - winter!

Winter squashes includes squashes like banana squash, acorn squash, kabocha squash, pumpkin squash, and our personal favorite - butternut squash! Butternut squash grows on a vine and has a nutty flavor similar to pumpkin. When butternut squash is ripe it turns from a tan, yellowish color to a bright orange.

And even though butternut squash is technically a fruit, it is mostly used like a vegetable by roasting it or sautéing it or even pureeing it into a creamy soup.

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