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A plant-based diet is just as it sounds. It is a diet based mostly on foods made from plants including vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes and fruits. It has few or no animal products.

And here is where we would like to point out that there are differences between a vegetarian diet, a vegan diet, and a plant-based diet. Generally speaking, vegetarians exclude all meat, and usually seafood, from their diet but they typically do consume dairy products.  Those who chose to follow a vegan diet follow a plan of eating foods with NO animal products at all, including dairy and even honey. Those following a plant-based diet generally follow an eating plan that includes whole foods or ones that are minimally processed, and MOSTLY plant-based, but there may be occasions when they allow meat, poultry, or seafood in LIMITED amounts.

 Again, these are general guidelines. Lifestyle eating plans are very specific to individuals.  

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