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4 Thank you for Looking our products
5 Thank you Pasta Loioca. Your gluten free is rich in flavor and hands down, the best I have ever had. Your pasta has become a staple in my household - can't live without it! The sweetness of the butternut squash ravioli is wonderful and your short rib ravioli is absolutely out of this world. Yum! - Aimee Kahn
6 The best gluten free pasta! I love pasta and being gluten free ruined pasta for me. I couldn't find any pasta that tasted half way decent until I tried Pasta Loioco gluten free. It is better than all other gluten free pastas and honestly so much better than most of the traditionally made pastas with gluten. So good! I will never buy another pasta. Pasta Loioco is the unequivocally the best!
7 I have recently gone gluten free and have tried so many gluten free pastas that just didn't do it for me. I thought I'd have to take pasta off of my list in terms of fave foods. But then I tried Pasta Loioco's gluten free pasta and I am in love! Better than just about any pasta I've tried. I don't know how they make it taste so good and rich without gluten but they do it and I love eating it. Thank you Pasta Loioco! -Erin Noel
8 When our son started showing signs of gluten intolerance, we began hunting for a gluten free pasta option that both we and our picky toddler could enjoy. Pasta is a staple in our diet, so axing it would have proved to be difficult. We were introduced to Pasta Loioco after eating it in a local restaurant. We soon ordered our own pasta to enjoy at home. The freshness of this product in unlike any other. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that the food you eat has not been sitting in a box someplace for an endless amount of time before you even purchased it. The flavor and texture supersede your conventional pasta by a landslide. It's great to feel good about feeding your family guilt free food and while you're at it, supporting a local family run business. These guys are getting back to the roots of pasta!
9 BEST gluten free pasta hands down. The texture is buttery and firm and the taste is better than regular pasta. For gluten-freers, seriously the best pasta by far.
10 Pasta Loioco's pasta is hands down the best gluten free substitute I've ever had! I've been gluten free for about 5 years now and I've been a fanatic about finding (great tasting) gluten free foods. I've tasted it all, crackers that have the consistency of cardboard, rice cakes instead of pancakes in the morning.. but Pasta Loico's pasta is def my little piece of heaven. If you haven't tried it I highly sugest you do! Thank you guys for creating a quality product for us auto immune sufferers. I highly appreciate you and your products! :)
12 My wife and I had tried the Mushroom, Artichoke and Gluten Free Cheese Pasta. The food was very delicious. Not too heavy, but just right. I thought the Mushroom was the best and my wife loved the Gluten Free Cheese Pasta. Better than any restaurant pasta out there!
13 I searched high and low for Gluten Free GF ORECCHIETTE Pasta- I live in New Jersey and I simply could not find any. I stumbled upon the PASTA LOIOCO website and am thrilled that there is someone with great culinary skills who can reproduce fresh tasting home made pasta that is GF ORECCHIETTE Gluten Free!!! The Orecchiette Pasta was DELISHIOSO!! It was shipped to me in NJ in a sealed ice packed box- I made a great meal with it - everyone loved it. The GF pasta is by far the BEST Gluten Free I have tasted. Thank you to Chef Robert. :) A happy italian family in Jersey. :)
52 Try the Best Tasting Ravioli. They are ALL NATURAL & NO PRESERVATIVES
54 The best gluten-free products on the market! I'm thrilled to find homemade Italian pasta - and it's gluten-free! Thank you!!!
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