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Pasta Gluten Free packs in retail containers, ( weight may vary with pasta shapes ) which is then vacuum packed and gas flushed for maximum freshness.


Pasta Gluten Free can also make the product with a private label; your own name or brand on it.

Imagine seeing your name on a great product.


Pasta Gluten Free packs all the gluten free pasta in 10 Lb. boxes with two 5 Lb. plastic bags in a 16" x 8" x 6" cardboard master box.

All our fresh gluten free pasta can be stored and good to be used for up to 6 month ( properly stored ). The Julian date shows on every box for freshness assurance.

We start making your order fresh from scratch once we received your Purchase Order.

Long pasta like GF Fettuccine or GF Spaghetti comes pre portioned. Nested on 3 Oz. to 4 Oz. portion size.

Short pasta like GF Penne Rigate or GF Elbow shaped pasta comes loose in a plastic bag into the master box.

A full pallet for bulk boxes ( 10 Lb. ravioli ) is 110 boxes.

A full pallet for bulk boxes ( 10 Lb. Long & Short pata ) is 80 boxes.

A full pallet for retail and prepared meals boxes ( 10 Oz. - 12 Oz. containers ) is 156 boxes.



Pasta Gluten Free manufactures all our Gluten Free Pasta when orders are placed. Like this we can guarantee that the product you receive is fresh.

Once the product is made, then is individually quick frozen and packed frozen into a food grade plastic bag ( to minimize space in your package ). Our frozen fresh pasta bags are packed into an insulated shipping bag or insulated polystyrene container with Technic-ice pads or dry ice, and shipped in a corrugated shipping box by UPS.

We are shipping our orders Monday through Thursday.

Thank you!