Press release for GLUTEN FREE ravioli pasta

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Press release for GLUTEN FREE ravioli pasta

February press release for Gluten Free Ravioli


For people who are avoiding gluten or are in a strictly gluten free diet, eating ravioli may seem like something they can never enjoy. Either is not tasty or they are tired of trying things that looks good but has no taste at all.


“A lot of companies are producing gluten free pasta dough and are using that to make gluten free ravioli,” said Roberto Loioco, owner of Pasta Loioco. Mr. Loioco spent three years perfecting his recipe. “The companies produce a ravioli case that doesn’t have gluten, but what about the filling?” he asked.


What we are doing here for those people diagnosed with any problem, like being Celiac or Gluten intolerance or Gluten sensitivity, etc. is to make their life easier by getting products that are almost like the ones they were eating the day before they got diagnosed.

The first thing they realize is that after that moment of being diagnosed the eating habits have to change for good. You can’t look back and spend your life crying about it. But instead you have to start looking for new products in the supermarket shelf. But the brands are different; the wording is different for these products and the worst is the taste; is different too. That’s when frustration and desperation invade your head and you add some stress to the situation. The whole world is collapsing right in front of your eyes in the supermarket.


Most Cheeses are gluten free, unless something has been added to it. Cross contamination is also possible.

Mr. Loioco said pasta companies do need to be careful about their cheese supplier because of this.


“Eggs, fruits, vegetables and meat are naturally gluten free. If any of this items are on their natural state they are totally safe to eat (you just need to wash it first to prevent eating Pesticides or antibiotics. If you are buying Organic products you are adding another layer of security to your health), they got to be not processed or in cans, usually is in that process where some additives are added or products that are not gluten free are mixed with them and cross contamination happens.

So, you can enjoy a cheese and vegetables ravioli if the pasta is gluten free,” and Gluten Free certified, he said. But, “You need to be extremely careful when eating sausage or sausage ravioli. As sausage makers use a lot of breadcrumbs in the making of sausages to absorb the juices and blood coming off from the meat. Also most spices are gluten free, but it has been founded in some cases, that imported coriander and mace are not”

If you want to make your own ravioli always buy your ingredients from a trusted source, make sure the flours are GF certified and the rest of the ingredients too.

That’s why we are very happy to offer our line of Gluten Free and Vegan Raviolis to the public. First of all, they are Gluten Free Certified and the most important thing for me, is they are very tasty. You won’t believe they are gluten free or vegan.

Everybody has its own taste for food, but I use the traditional taste for things, just like my grandmother showed me when I was a child. No need to cover taste by adding or using Garlic for example. The best is when you look at our labels and you find 5 or 6 natural ingredients were used to produce that product or flavor. Simple words no need to use the dictionary or Google any of the ingredients to see what it is.


For Vegan raviolis, you don’t have to be Celiac or have problems with gluten ingestion, but most of people that are eating this type of raviolis are vegetarians or health conscious persons.

To manufacturer this type of pastas the process has to follow the same standards as the gluten free pastas, with the difference that we cannot use anything related with animal-based products or eggs to make the pasta or fillings. But instead we use fresh vegetables and natural ingredients, Mr. Loioco said.


For us, the “Gluten free pasta makers, we have to be very careful where we source our ingredients. Everybody sales products, but we always try to find companies that sales gluten free certified ingredients. Pasta Loioco offers seven kinds of ravioli, with several of those being vegan as well. We carefully research the ingredients providers. If we think there is a chance for cross contamination or some product is not gluten free certified, we find another supplier,” he said.


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ABOUT PASTA LOIOCO- Roberto Loioco developed gluten-free pasta with a proprietary recipe that delivers the taste people expect from homemade pasta. Because it is gluten free, it’s safe for people with gluten intolerance issues. The company also produces gluten free pizza crust and Prepared meals. Pasta Loioco is based in Torrance, CA.