Making Gluten Free Gnocchi from scratch

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Making Gluten Free Gnocchi from scratch

The secret of how to make Gnocchi is usually passed from generation to generation on traditional Italian families. I remember when I was young and my mom used to make Gnocchi. It was the best time we spend together in the kitchen doing something special, real mom and son quality time.  I believe it was a great time doing something magical. I can't thing of any other magic trick, were you can make something to taste incredible with just few old potatoes ( kind of a Cinderella story ).

gluten free gnocchi

When we talk about How to make Gnocchi, we also have to talk about the region were you learn to make this delicious potato dumpling.The most firm idea of the word Gnocchi may be coming from the Italian word Nocchio that means " wood knot " Like many Italian dishes there are variations to the recipe. In Tuscany and Lombardia they are made with flour and Ricotta cheese or the Spinach Gnocchi that is made with Potato, flour and fresh Spinach.  The Gnocchi Romano is made with cooked Polenta and Semolina flour.

In the rest of the world the Italians left their legacy for one thing or the other. For example, in France they make Gnocchis à la Parisienne, the Gnocchis are served with a Bechamel sauce. Their recipe for the French Gnocchis is made with their light pastry dough ( made with butter, flour, eggs and water ) In the region of Nice the Gnocchi is made with potato and wheat flour.

In South America we found a large community of Italian immigrants. In Argentina there is a tradition of eating Gnocchi ( ñoqui ) every 29th of the month and put money under their plates to bring prosperity.

1-Put to boil 1 Lb of white potatoes ( old soft potato will do a great gnocchi ) with Seal Salt in the water.

2-Once the potatoes are boiled and drain, lets smash them and make a pure

3-Then add 30% of it's weight with Organic Corn starch  ( here you can use any GF flour that you prefer, I use Rice flour or Organic Corn starch ) and 4 Oz. of Parmesan cheese

4-Start kneading and stretching the dough and try to make rolled pieces like the ones on the picture

5-Cut them into small pieces like a wine cork-size and press the cut dough against the fork to give them the shape

6-Put the Gnocchi to boil in hot water with Sea Salt. Drain them and mix it with your favorite sauce

Instructions step bu step to cook grluten free gnocchi