How To Unmask Your Best Life as the World Reopens Post-Pandemic

How To Unmask Your Best Life as the World Reopens Post-Pandemic

For many of us, the pandemic has represented a period of extreme dullness. Between the lack of exercise, takeaway diets, and hours spent staring at screens, it’s no surprise that everyone’s eyes have started to glaze over. Luckily, this particular dullness has an expiration date and, as the world begins to reopen, a new opportunity presents itself to start fresh, get active, and re-find that confidence you lost somewhere in the space behind the couch.

Running Again

During lockdown, it’s been easy to forget that sweatpants are not suitable dinner attire and are, in fact, designed for exercise. So, now that parks are open again, you can wear your joggers for their intended purpose - jogging. According to studies, a short run every week will help you sleep better in hot temperatures and actually improves your immune system. This is especially beneficial at a time when people are getting reinfected and bedrooms have started to feel like saunas. So, get yourself some new running shoes and some great-sounding pair of earbuds and head outside!

Remembering to Relax

Unsurprisingly, a deadly worldwide pandemic with far-reaching economic consequences has sparked a rise in anxiety. But, while we were all doom scrolling on Twitter, some experts took the time to develop coping methods. Whichever of these works for you - be it meditating, lighting candles and relaxing in some comfortable clothing, or just limiting your news intake - the important thing is that you’re paying special attention to your mental health.

Learning New Skills

During the pandemic, many people have tried to learn a new skill (and, no, growing facial hair doesn’t count). Skills are an excellent way to address a multitude of your problems - learning one can increase your earning potential, keep you distracted and a certificate gives you something to post online that isn’t your cat riding the hoover. Even if you missed the chance during quarantine, enrolling on a course now will give you something to look forward to once things have opened up. For example, there are plenty of business degrees that teach management, leadership or marketing that will help enhance your career prospects.

Reconnecting with Friends

Quarantine has been to friendship what icebergs are to ocean liners - unhelpful. Luckily a reopening gives you the perfect excuse to reach out and poke an old friend in the rib. Already, the internet is coming up with fun things to do in the fuzzy patch between full lockdown and fully opened.

Cooking Healthier

If you haven’t already, it’s worth using what’s left of this break from mall vendors and hot dog stands to learn some new, healthier recipes. You might even want to develop some meal plans for a potential return to the office. Recommended refreezing ingredients include chicken, pasta (Pasta Gluten Free offers pasta options and shift around the US), couscous, noodles, and green salads.

Discovering Music

If you’re someone who likes music, you’ll know the feeling of being on the move and scrolling endlessly through a playlist you’ve heard a thousand times already. This short period before things reopen is perfect for addressing exactly that problem. While you have the time, it’s worth doing some research to discover new music and compile upbeat playlists. You could browse the many, many suggestions across the internet or try a “vaccination-themed” collection and bask in your own antibodied glory.

As you can see, there are many ways to embark on a journey of positivity at the end of this seemingly-but-not-quite-endless road of negativity. All you need is the right attitude, a pair of pants that aren’t designed for exercise, and lots of antibacterial spray.

Gabriel Patel

Image by Pexels